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The Tel Aviv daily Maariv recently gave me my first-ever newspaper write-up in an article also featuring artist Lora Bananca and experimental filmmaker/painter Jeff Scher.  Here is my bit, translated from Hebrew:

The sweet eyes of three modern artists

Lora Bananca hides sex and passion within a sugary shell; Singaporean photographer Nguan captures insane situations amidst the crowd on a normal day; and in Jeff Scher’s works, a kiss becomes a trip down memory lane.

By Yuri Blachroviz (יורי בלכרוב)


The best way to delve into the pulsing heart of modern society may simply be to go to the planet’s busiest places and photograph anything that moves.

Singaporean photographer Nguan travels to crowded city squares and beaches, where he is careful not to miss the delicate yet aggressive interactions between people of all colours and sexes and between people and their surroundings.

These are touching images that deal with the absurdity hidden within very non-routine daily routines.  For example, a scraggy man who works as a party Spider-Man is photographed hiding behind a car in his costume — minus the mask — while surreptitiously enjoying a cigarette.

Looking at Nguan’s photographs is like using a magnifying glass to study ants, albeit very bizarre and lonely ants which only from afar seem like a coherent and harmonious group. ”


Thanks Yuri!

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